Some helpful resources to assit in self-education

and deconditioning of our minds.

Lets unpack our privileges and conditionings together,

listen to and make space for BIPOC, pay them for their labour,

and learn to show up as better allies to dismantle harmful

systems of oppression.

We all have a social responsibility to self educate,

learn, unlearn & question everything.

- It's a lifelong journey and we're bound to make mistakes. Acknowledge them with humility when it happens and

show up, again and again.

Intersectional Environmentalist

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'This is an inclusive version of environmentalism that advocates for both the protection of people and the planet.


It identifies the ways in which injustices happening to marginalized communities and the earth are interconnected.


It brings injustices done to the most vulnerable communities, and the earth, to the forefront and does not minimize or silence social inequality.


Intersectional environmentalism advocates for justice for people + the planet.'

~ Leah Thomas

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Podcast -
For the Wild

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'We join some of the brightest thought-leaders and visionaries of our time– to uplift a multitude of perspectives, to amplify grassroot voices, and to tell stories that would otherwise disappear in mainstream media.


Key topics include the struggle to protect wild nature, to promote ecological renewal and resistance and to heal from the disconnection furthered by consumer culture and human supremacy.

Not only does this work aim to produce an anthology of the Anthropocene, but it also strives to support a new paradigm of earth renewal through conservation and restoration ecology.'

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*Everything is Connected is not representative of these organisations; they are shared here as helpful sources of information (all information on this page was sourced directly from each organisation's website).

**This is by no means an exhaustive list of resources, please do your own research and exercise critical thinking.

These resources are merely a starting point if you are interested in uncovering more.