- About Me - 

& Intersectional environmentalism

& why we need Indigenous sovereignty


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I'm a mama to a young one, Remi. He is my greatest teacher in life - among many other teachings he reminds me to slow down and experience life through his lens of wonder. He says 'Woooow' when he looks out at the sky, he says 'Hiiiii' to trees and smiles as he touches their bark as we walk by them (recently has also started smooching them) and loves to deeply smell flowers and insists that everyone around him have a sniff to.

Our young ones are truly so wise, reminding us to stop and enjoy these simple, profoundly beautiful moments.
I must remember to stay receptive to all the teachings that my son continually brings me. I'm also hyper aware of the state of the world in which he and all the children of the Earth are growing up in - raising a child during these times is very entwined with feelings of guilt, grief and worry. Alas - the deep love i have for nature and my son fuels the passion to do what i can - to protect and honour our Earth - our home - this beautiful existence of life.


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Like many of you, i recognise and feel our intrinsic connection with nature; our very survival depending on the health of water, soil, air, ecosystems including all Earthlings  - from our very own microbiome, to fungal mycelium, insects and creatures living in forests to oceans and way beyond.
The purposeful desecration of our sacred Earth, our home, everything that gives us life, 
evokes such a deep pain, and overwhelming feelings of grief and anger (also acknowledging that colonisation has inflicted/still inflicts so much trauma on BIPOC people around the world). I'm sure many of us are experiencing a spectrum of these emotions - witnessing and experiencing all that is happening to our world, especially in current times.

There are so many amazing, dedicated and ever-important Earth protectors on the frontlines, who put so much on the line, including literally their
lives. My hope is that together, through this business and your support, we can raise money to help sustain these people and organisations to continue their invaluable work, fighting for a just and healthy planet.

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Environmental Injustices

All around the world, communities that have had the least impact on environmental degradation are the ones suffering the most and are at most risk of being subject to environmental racism, becoming displaced, disconnecting from culture and becoming climate refugees. The fight for environmental justice is always interconnected with racial and social injustices and i believe these issues should always be addressed with inclusivity as an intersectional approach to the movement.

(Read more about intersectional environmentalism here.)

Everyone is susceptible to experiencing the effects of climate change, as the recent devastating 2019/2020 bushfires in Australia further illuminated. However, statistically BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) and other vulnerable and marginalised people of society are more susceptible to impacts from climate change and environmental degradation. I recognise my own immense privileges as a light-skinned, Eurasian woman currently living in an affluent area in so-called Sydney, Australia (and yes - it is always relevant to acknowledge our privileges that protect us from many injusticies e.g living near toxic waste facilities, having our water poisoned by fracking practices...etc).

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Indigenous sovereignty = environmental protection & conservation


I stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples in the fight for their sovereignty and land back, as carriers of wisdom and true caretakers of the land. To put into perspective, Indigenous people make up 5% of the world's population, but defend over 80% of the world's biodiversity. Indigenous sovereignty = environmental protection and conservation.

I stand alongside all activists, fighting for environmental, racial and the spectrum of social justices - for the well-being of each other and our planet, so ALL Earthlings can thrive and survive.

To all fellow humans out there fighting for our planet and each other in your own ways -I see you, and have deep reverence for you, thank you.