Protect & Revere the Sacred Sticker

Eco Stickers Round 90mm
- Coloured sticker

- Gloss finish

- Adhesive labels are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified

- Non - toxic inks

- Adhesive is waterbased, watersoluble & non toxic (therefore are not waterproof)

- Stickers are not strictly classified as compostable (due to time frame in which they break down)

- Manufactured with solar power

Protect & Revere the Sacred Sticker

  • 20% of all proceeds from this item will be donated to organisations on the frontlines of conservation.

    The donation will be split between:

    - Cikananga Wildlife Centre to help rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife from the illegal wildlife trade. Since the pandemic, the centre has not been able to accept any volunteers which is a vital source of income, providing essential foods and medicines for the rehabilitating animals.


    - Seed to support Australia's first Indigenous youth-led climate network, fighting for climate justice. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are disproportionately affected by climate change and have been suffering injustices to their culture and community by the fossil fuel industry.


    - WOTCH to help protect Victoria's native forests through the use of citizen science, community engagement and advocacy. Currently taking legal action to protect threatened species affected by the bushfires, while their habitat is being continually logged by VicForests.


    - Carbon Positive Australia to help in regenerating the natural habitat of degraded, unused land, by planting native trees and shrubs indigenous to the area, offsetting carbon emissions of human activities.


    - A small portion from the donation will also be kept aside in an 'emergency pot' - stored as a rainy day fund to support other organisations in times of crisis - which you will be informed and updated about when the need arises.